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ACSEF offers several student-run initiatives for students to become involved in the fair. The Student Leadership Board (SLB) offers several leadership opportunities for students. If you have any new initiatives that you would like to see associatied with ACSEF reach out to the Director of Student Programs.

Nicholas Young

Director of Student Programs


October 29, 2022​​

SLB Webinar on Project Journeys from Previous ISEF Participants

When: 4 - 5 PM PST October 29, 2022

November 12, 2022​​

SLB Webinar on Finding Research Papers, Ensuring Project Novelty, and Source Data from Public Libraries

When: 4 - 5 PM PST November 12, 2022

November 26, 2022

SLB Webinar on Filling Out Paperwork and Initial Project Proposal

When: 4 - 5 PM PST November 26, 2022


September 7, 2022​​

Announcing our 2022-2023 Mentorship Program run by our very own Student Leadership Board (SLB). Interested in being a mentor or mentee? Fill out the form and attend our upcoming interest meeting on September 17th.

Interested in STEM Leadership?

Consider joining the Student Leadership Board (SLB). This is a network of students across Alameda county interested in engaging the community and promoting STEM education. We run several initiatives across four divisions.

In order to participate students must be a part of Alameda County, have participated in ACSEF before, and participate in ACSEF 2023


The activities division's primary role is to run informational workshops, STEM community nights, and other engaging events to promote interest in STEM. 


The communications division's primary role is to spread the news of ACSEF around the Alameda County school system. We aim to reach schools and students who have not yet participated in ACSEF.


The marking division's primary role is to run and manage the ACSEF and SLB social media accounts. 


The mentorship division's primary role is to run and manage the ACSEF Mentorship program. High school students will have the chance to mentor new ACSEF participants. 

Interested in Joining?

Tony Wang

President & Founder of SLB

Nicholas Young

Director of Student Programs

Mentorship Program 2022-2023

Our Mission:

Our student leadership board is hosting this years Mentorship Program to empower new students in STEM and guide them in pursuing their research interests. Our experienced high school mentors will help students maximize their potential to create successful science fair projects!


Everyone has ideas and interests, and the SLB Mentorship Program is meant to help students apply themselves and develop in them a lifelong love of problem-solving and research.

Eligibility Requirements:

Mentees: Attend a School in Alameda County & Participate in ACSEF 2023

Mentors: Attend a School in Alameda County, Prior Experience in ACSEF, & Participate in ACSEF 2023

Sign Up Today!

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