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September 7, 2022​​

Announcing our 2022-2023 Mentorship Program run by our very own Student Leadership Board (SLB). Interested in being a mentor or mentee? Fill out the form and attend our upcoming interest meeting on September 17th.

August 29, 2022​​

Have a creative side? Enter in our design contest to create our 2023 ACSEF t-shirt. Find more details to enter here

July 7, 2022​​

Announcing the ACSEF Shadow Program to empower teachers and students with an I CAN DO THIS attitude towards STEM. Currently seeking Participants

Mentorship Program 2022-2023

Our Mission:

Our student leadership board is hosting this years Mentorship Program to empower new students in STEM and guide them in pursuing their research interests. Our experienced high school mentors will help students maximize their potential to create successful science fair projects!


Everyone has ideas and interests, and the SLB Mentorship Program is meant to help students apply themselves and develop in them a lifelong love of problem-solving and research.

Eligibility Requirements:

Mentees: Attend a School in Alameda County & Participate in ACSEF 2023

Mentors: Attend a School in Alameda County, Prior Experience in ACSEF, & Participate in ACSEF 2023

Sign Up Today!

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