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See the 
Fair in Action!

The purpose of the Shadow Program is to give Title 1 students and teachers an introduction to what goes on at a science fair and what goes into the execution of a science or engineering project. This is a great way to meet their peers in their role as a scientist or engineer, see them in action as they present their research findings, learn from each student presenter how and why they did their projects, and meet the professional scientists during judging rounds with the goal to get an idea and excited about doing a project of their own in the future. 

Patti Carothers

President, ACSEFA


Our Mission

The goal is to empower the shadowing teachers and Title I students with an I CAN DO THIS experience while the sponsored Teacher and students interact with the student participants and professional scientists and engineers at the Alameda

The Fair will provide:

  • transportation to/from the science fair

  • lunch

  • tee shirts



There  are no costs to the teacher or students!

Read more about it here!


Seeking Donors!

Please join us in sending an Alameda County Title 1 Teacher + 5 Students to The Synopsys Outreach Foundation Alameda County Science & Engineering Fair as a participant of ACSEF’s new SHADOW PROGRAM!

You will receive benefactor recognition and the tax benefit associated with your donation.

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