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Congratulations to our ISEF Participants!

Participants were:


Victor Luo, Nathan Xu, James Gu (Mission San Jose HS, St. Francis HS, Basis Independent)

Development of 3-D Printed Soft Origami-inspired AI-driven Millirobot for Biomedical Applications

Category: Biomedical Engineering


Alec Zhang & Jingjing Liang (Harker School)

SEL-PET; An Innovative Eye-tracking and Audio Hybrid System for ASD Early Detection

Category: Behavioral and Social Sciences

4th Place ($500)


Anwesha Ghosh (Dublin HS)

Arduino-controlled Photobioreactor Algal Microbial Fuel Cell with Conveyor Belt Cathode for Boosted Biofilm Growth and Heavy Metal Removal

Category: Energy: Sustainable Materials and Design

4th Place ($500)


Samuel Wu (Dublin HS)

Novel Strategies for the Reversal of Cancer Cell Immortality

Category: Biomedical and Health Sciences

2nd Place ($2000)


Aditi Kiran (Basis Independent)

The Effect of Cu-Al Bimetallic Metal Organic Framework Based Electrode on the Energy Stored in a Supercapacitor

Category: Chemistry

2nd Place ($2000)


Kennesha Garg (American HS)

Effects of RootPipes on Landfill Gas Emissions

Category: Environmental Engineering

2nd Place ($2000)


And our ACSEF student promoted to CSEF and selected to represent CSEF at ISEF

Sasha Masson (Harker School)

Testing the Effectiveness of a Bioplastic Layer Bonded to Natural Chelating Agents on the Minimization of Lead Iodide Leaching in 

Perovskite Solar Cells and a Novel Anti Reflective Coating Derived from Corn and Lotus Leaf Imprints on the Cell

Category: Environmental Engineering

2nd Place ($2000)

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