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Congratulations to our CSEF Participants

Jingjing Liang and Alec Zhang Grade 9 and 11, Harker Upper School, San Jose

Development of  an Innovative Eye-tracking and Audio Hybrid System for ASD Early Detection 

Project of the Year and Category 1st Place ($5000) 

Sponsored Award:  IRI Human Subjects Research Awards- 5th Place ($100) – For projects that incorporate the most innovative research involving human subjects. 

Sponsored by the International Research Institute of North Carolina ( IRI’s mission is providing remote research opportunities for all students

 around the world to work with university faculty from world-renowned universities and help them achieve their dream college or publish a seminal paper.


Jiya Kohar, Prisha Patel, Ruhani Singh (Thornton Jr. HS)

Category: Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology

1st Place


Michael Macri (St. Raymond School)

Category: Mathematical Sciences

2nd Place


Megha Reddy, Neha Reddy (Amador Valley HS)

Category: Behavioral & Social Science

2nd Place


Arushi Dinker (Mission San Jose HS)

Category: Chemistry

1st Place


Aditi Kiran (Basis Independent)

Category: Chemistry

Honorable Mention


Ananya Raghu, Anisha Raghu (Quarry Lane School)

Category: Computational Systems & Analysis

Honorable Mention


Arush Khare (Irvington HS)

Category: Computational Systems (Medical)

4th Place


Sasha Masson (Harker School)

Category: Earth & Environmental Sciences)

1st Place and Promoted to ISEF


Unnati Seshadri (James Logan HS)

Category: Electronics & Electromagnetics

Honorable Mention

Sponsored Award:  Saban Family Foundation Scholar Prizes- 1st Place ($2000) – For the top projects by a female scholar providing a positive impact to her community.

Sponsored by the Saban Family Foundation, a non-profit independent foundation established in 1999, primarily providing grants to support health research and social welfare


Anwesha Ghosh (Dublin HS)

Category: Environmental Engineering

1st Place

Sponsored Award: A&WMA Environmental Leadership Award $500

( For exceptional projects that enhance the knowledge and understanding of environmental issues. 

Sponsored by the Air and Waste Management Association, West Coast Section)


Erik Pedersen (Irvington HS)

Category: Physics & Astronomy

Honorable Mention


Anoushka Kolluru (James Logan HS)

Category: Toxicology

2nd place  


Samuel Wu

Category: Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology

Honorable Mention

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