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Welcome to the Alameda County Science & Engineering Fair!

The Alameda County Science and Engineering Fair (ACSEF) is affiliated with Thermo Fisher Scientific Junior Innovators Challenge the prestigious national middle school competition, CSEF - CA state science & engineering fair competition, and Regeneron ISEF the international science fair competition.

Want to Participate?

See our updated Rules and Guidelines page for all new regulations we are introducing to ACSEF 2025!

Not a Student?

There are plenty of ways to get involved. Please check out the following pages on how you can support ACSEF.

Participate in ACSEF 2025

New Guidelines for ACSEF 2025

1. ACSEF Ethics & General Rules For All Types of Research Projects & Display & Safety Guidelines Click Here

2. Project Wizard 2025 (Applications Open June 1, 2024 for 2025 Fair) Click Here

3. ACSEF requires one or more parents or teachers from participating schools to be the school liaison for distributing timely information about ACSEF. Contact Patti Carothers Deadline October 1, 2024

4. New Policy:  students and/or parents must be present to receive physical awards (ribbon/certificates/items and/or monetary awards). If not present, the student will still be recognized for their award but forfeit physical awards.

ACSEF 2025

SET-UP | Friday, March 14, 2024

     Location: Chabot College, Hayward campus

     Times: 3:00 - 8:00 PM

JUDGING | Saturday, March 15, 2024

     Location: Chabot College, Hayward campus

     Times: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

AWARDS | Thursday, March 20, 2024

      Location: PAC at Chabot College,  Hayward campus

     Times: 5:00 PM

Congratulations to our ACSEF 2024 Participants

See below for a recording of our awards ceremony and the slides announcing our ACSEF 2024 Winners!

Donate to ACSEF

As a Non profit 501(C)(3) public charity donations from the public are our life-line and we have very few to date.

Tax ID 45-1800245 - 100% tax deductable donations

ACSEF needs a company or business to become our title sponsor! 2 years without a Title Sponsor has been very difficult.

Picture YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE followed by ACSEF on every email, flyer, award ribbon, press release...etc. 

Become a Patron Donor

The IRS requires 501(C)(3) public charity nonprofit organizations to receive 1/3 of their funding from the public at large. We are short of that this year. Every $25 or more donation helps.

Tax ID 45-1800245


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