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Announcement November 20, 2018

Below is the most updated procedure students of Alameda County MUST follow to participate at the Golden Gate Stem Fair 2019 - which has graciously agreed to allow a limited number of pre-selected qualified projects from both middle and high schools to participate.

When our GGSF quota is reached then we will need to deny additional qualified projects. We encourage schools to hold their science fair or selection processes well before February 17th.

When our GGSF quota is reached then we will need to deny additional qualified projects. We encourage schools to hold their science fair or selection processes well before February 17th.

Please note:
Santa Clara and Contra Costa Science and Engineering Fairs are NOT taking any ACSEF projects whatsoever. If you fail to qualify for GGSF through the selection process described below DO NOT contact Santa Clara or Contra Costa asking to join their fairs. Likewise if you have not met the selection criteria for GGSF described below - DO NOT contact GGSF for participation permission unless you are directed by ACSEF directors to do so.

The Qualification Criteria and Details:
ALL middle and high schools in Alameda County must meet the following criteria to participate in the Golden Gate Stem Fair - GGSF (formerly known as the San Francisco Bay Area Science Fair).

ALL projects must follow the International Science Fair Rules - Please review this link. https://student.societyforscience.org/international-rules-pre-college-science-research

** Projects which involve the following must complete a project proposal and submit to ACSEF directors before they can begin experimentation. If you answer yes to one or more of these then go to this link before even starting your experiment to collect data! https://goo.gl/h3XNS9


** 1. My/our project was performed at a college or professional lab.

** 2. My/our project uses humans taking surveys or other mental or physical tests or tasks.

** 3. My/our project uses human or vertebrate animal bodily fluids or tissues. ** 4. My/our project uses vertebrate animals in a manner that manipulates their behavior, habitat, or nutrition.

** 5. My/our project uses microbes (bacteria, fungi, ) in culturing (growing) experiments.

** 6. My/our project uses one or more of the following:

  • uses recombinant DNA (rDNA)
  • culturing or engineering of clinically significant multidrug resistant organisms (MDROs)
  • culturing of human or animal waste
  • genome editing studies that include alteration of germline cells, insertion of gene drives, or use of rapid trait development systems (RTDS).

If you answered NO to all of these then continue reading below:

  • Merely interested individuals or teams trying to enter the GGSF without first going through a school science fair or other school related selection process plus the final verification by ACSEF directors will not be qualified or accepted.
  • EACH Alameda County school with students interested in participating in a county science fair leading to participation in state, national or international science fairs this year MUST first hold their own science fair or other selection process. This includes BOTH high school (grade 9-12) and middle schools (grades 6-8).

    If the school does NOT ordinarily hold a science fair then the school administration or lead science coordinator must select a non biased, no conflicts of interest committee to select the qualified projects. The selection committee can be composed of parents and teachers providing they have no family, direct academic or direct mentoring relationships with competing students they are judging.

    Additionally the school Principal or Vice Principal must officially email ACSEF alamedacountysef@gmail.com the names, mailing and email addresses, and qualifications of the selection committee members. The selection committee must use ACSEF judging criteria https://tinyurl.com/y9hasawh which includes a list of minimum quality standards for science fair projects and a list of projects types that will not qualify to GGSF
  • The judges are to select the top 1 winning project in each of the following 4 broad categories and 1 alternate in each of these categories. BIOLOGICAL sciences, PHYSICAL sciences, Engineering-Mathematics-Computer Applications, Environmental Sciences.
  • The school or school district science fair coordinator or Principal/Vice Principal must submit no later than February 17th via email the name (additional names of team members (up to a total of 3 on the team), grade in school, project title, project abstract, project category of the 4 top projects.

    Likewise another list of same information of the 4 alternates. If GGSF determines they are able to offer Alameda County students additional participation spots then the alternates will be by a random drawing from ALL schools supplying participant names.

    These lists must be sent via email to ACSEF alamedacountysef@gmail.com . ACSEF personnel will verify the school information provided and submit the information to GGSF
  • ACSEF will provide GGSF directors a list of each school’s qualified students.
  • Individual qualified students will be contacted by ACSEF with instructions for registration with the GGSF before March 1st.

Thank You Sponsors!

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